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Many GP surgeries are either no longer able to offer Ear Irrigation services or have fewer clinics and lengthy waiting times. 
Where the service is available it is often difficult for the less mobile or those with work or other commitments to attend scheduled clinics. 
Please contact us to find out more about our service or to make an appointment.

Why are my ears blocked with wax?

​Earwax, or cerumen, is a normal, naturally occurring substance that helps your ear stay healthy. Earwax can vary in colour, in shades of yellow, white, brown, and even black. It can be soft, hard, or flaky. Earwax blockage can occur when your body produces too much earwax or when existing wax is pushed too far into your ear canal.


Your ears may be blocked because; 

  • You are prone to producing too much ear wax

  • You have narrow ear canals

  • You use cotton buds to clean your ears

  • You use hearing aids, ear plugs, cotton buds or ear phones

  • You are elderly

Signs and symptoms

  • Reduced hearing

  • A feeling of fullness in your ear

  • An earache

  • Ringing, buzzing, or other odd noises in your ear

  • Feeling or hearing movement inside your hear

  • Dizziness 

  • Feelings of imbalance





Ear Irrigation can only be performed after the ears have been prepared for treatment and only if the ear drum is not visible. A thorough examination is required prior to Ear Irrigation being carried out. This fee is only payable in the event that Ear Irrigation is not possible on the day of the examination.



Includes call out fee


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Visits outside of our 15 mile coverage area may be charged an additional mileage rate of which we can quote for prior to a visit.

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Our NHS Registered Nurses (NMC & RCN) 

are fully trained and qualified to perform ear irrigation, and are DBS certified

We currently serve Suffolk and the

Suffolk/Norfolk & Suffolk/Cambridgeshire borders

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